Welcome To Rolling Hills Ranch

A father and son operation seeking to improve the longhorn industry in the South East United States. We breed for consistency in milking, body conformation, and horn measurements. My father and I started out in 2016 with just 3 cows for ornamental and keep the pasture mowed. Did some research on breeding and lots of talking with great breeders around the states and flipped our program around! Now we strive for the cattle everyone wants to see in their pasture.

We offer genetics from animals like Cowboy Tuff Chex, BL Rio Catchit, Jamakizm's Alphie, Tari Graves, Wd Lady Ranger 9/139, Field of Pearls, Cowboy Catchit, Drag Iron, Poco Lady, Fifty-Fifty BCB, and WS Jamakizm.

All visitors are welcome!!